Power Units


  • Tecnair Power Units operate using standard factory compressed air and does not require an external hydraulic power supply to create the high pressure stroke.
  • The Power Units are highly efficient, using a small amount of compressed air in comparison to the high forces generated by the unit.
  • Power Units are clean-line and very compact in comparison to hydraulic power solutions; and such solutions are also compromised by the slow operating speeds.
  • Tecnair Power Units provide high operating speeds.
  • Tecnair Power Units utilise a small number of moving parts which reduces operational noise level and ensures a long trouble free life.
  • The Units are fitted with in-built pneumatic control valves to eliminate external pilot control piping.


Type  Air cylinder with in-built hydraulic power unit
Mounting  Front mounting studs
Operating pressure 6 bar (max)
Power Stroke Force 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 (tonne)
Fluid Compressed air, Filtered 50μ. Use with or without lubrication
Operating temperature Max + 80° Min -20°
Pneumatic Barrel Type Extruded Aluminium
Hydraulic Barrel Honed steel



Position 1 - Fast approach:
The Tecnair Power Unit is actuated by a master control valve, and when actuated, the main piston rod extends at high speed until resistance in encountered at the point of work. This resistance actuates the Intensifier control valve which starts the high power stroke.

Position 2 - High-Power stroke:
The intensifier piston rod enters the oil chamber and compresses oil up to 400 bar. The intensified pressure is applied to the back of main piston rod which creates the high-power stroke at the point of work.

Position 3 - Return stroke:
Following the high pressure work stroke, the operating signal to the master control valve is turned off allowing the Intensifier piston to return to its start position (powered by mechanical spring force). This action also removes high pressure from the work piece, and at the same time, the main piston returns to the start position, powered by compressed air.