Special Cylinders


TecnAir manufacture in accordance with individual client specification. Our tecnical representatives work alongside our clients to custom design any of drive solution, linear or rotary, to suit any application. Special cylinders can be designed using electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic solutions, or a combination of all three. Contact your local representative for further information.


Smoke Evacuation Telescopic Drives

TecnAir is a world leader in smoke and heat evacuation drives, which are used to control smoke extraction for windows and skylights. Our products are used around the globe in many of the most prestigious and famous shopping malls, airports, international banks and government buildings.

Our unique systems are activated by compressed-air drives, which provide whisper-quiet, safe and reliable operation. Reduced operating noise is particularly advantageous when used in populated locations.

Our Telescopic Drives are double acting and available in several different designs. Tecnair smoke evacuation drives feature hydraulic “end of stroke” deceleration (optional), which is incorporated internally within the telescopic device and provides damping to avoid window frame mechanism fatigue in high-wind conditions.

Specialist pneumatic “emergency” control valves are also manufactured by TecnAir to complete the package. The valves incorporate a high-pressure compressed air canister which allows the Telescopic Drive to open even if the compressed air supply malfunctions.

Proportional Drives

The Hydra-Pneumatic Proportional Drive is a new development by TecnAir and has been designed for high accuracy positional control applications. The Proportional Drive incorporates pneumatic technology for power, hydraulic technology for accurate speed control and a dedicated electronic PCB and proportional valve for control.

Motorised Control

TecnAir have developed thousands of special cylinders over the years, incorporating numerous unique components to achieve the client’s desired result. Examples include in-built electronic stress sensors, rotary couplings, hydraulic braking, gas activation, remote hydraulic control, positional feedback and integral control valves. This product is used in a top secret life sciences application.

Multi-Stage Cast Cylinder

In addition to conventional extruded and machined pneumatic and hydraulic drives, Tecnair also produce drives manufactured from iron castings, customised to specific client needs. This type of solution is widely used in Rail and Road Transportation industries and Mining. This specific example shows a multi-stage, high pressure cylinder, using water as the control medium.

Remote Control UCC

TecnAir are market leaders in the production of Hydra-Pneumatic drives for aluminium and steel Cutting machines. High precision speed control is vital in this very demanding application but controlling speed remotely involves special valve design with the remote device. Several speed control variations are available depending on the type of fluid used and the application process.


TecnAir manufacture very special pneumatic Boosters based on individual client specification. We design and manufacture a wide number of variations from miniature, battery powered, plastic Boosters for remote laboratory and medical applications to 160mm bore multi-stage Boosters for gasses and fluids.

Pump Engine

TecnAir undertake very special projects covering Valves as well as Drives. This specific application is an artificial pump for testing specific volumes to detect the precise number and make up of gases in controlled laboratory experiments. The unit was developed entirely by Tecnair engineers in a global collaboration. The pump includes motorised gate valves and flow measurement instruments.

Customised Clamps

TecnAir manufacture Clamps in all shapes and sizes to suit specific client applications. The clamps can be hydraulic, pneumatic, or a mixture of both technologies. Multi stage clamping allows the device to move at low pressure towards the product to be clamped, ensuring safety, and only allowing maximum clamp force at the desired point.

Brake & Clutch Control

Incorporating hydraulics & pneumatics TecnAir has developed dual force brake and clutch mechanisms for machine control. Conventional electronic clutch control is complex and expensive. Remote clutch control access can also be achieved using TecnAir technology.

Stainless Cleanline

Tecnair manufactures Clean-line stainless steel cylinder for food and beverage industries. The products are made from 316L stainless with absolutely no crevices for food product to stagnate. The “totally” clean, round-line feature is designed for ease of maintenance and resistance to high pressure cleaning. Customised designs are available filling and depositing machine integration.

Automated Door Assist Mechanism

TecnAir have developed a pneumatic-hydraulic door assist mechanism, which can be incorporated inside the door panels of security vehicles. The device allows doors in excess of 400kg to be opened with ease. The control mechanism is linked directly to the door opening handle and the mechanics and linked directly to the door hinge. Over 7000 units have been manufactured to date.

Clean Drive with internal Sensor valves

Two stage pneumatic cylinders are commonin industry. However, when our client required all control valves and position sensors to be an integral part of the drive, and the whole unit built internally, within a handling mecanism, our client turned to TecnAir.

Floating Head Vacuum with Mecanical Lock

TecnAir engineers in both Italy and the UK were involved in a European aeronautical project to develop a free-floating vacuum head with mechanical lock. The Locking Heads are mounted to a programmable fixture for manufacturing civilian aircraft. The fixtures can be altered by the push of a button to change shape to enable different aircraft sections to be made from one fixture.