Pressure Boosters


Pressure Boost Ratio: 2 to 1

The TecnAir Pressure Booster is designed to double the amount of air pressure to the system. The Booster takes inlet pressure, which can be set using a conventional in-line pressure regulator, from 1.5 to 10bar, and converts the pressure to an outlet pressure of between 3 to 20bar, doubling the inlet pressure.

Noise Reduction

The main control valve utilises floating poppet technology, which comprises of two central Poppets and several Lip seals, which run within a technopolymer sleeve to form an integral part of the body. The central Poppets are manufactured from Polyurethane and are designed to act as a shock absorber, reducing noise levels to 12dBA and significantly enhancing operational life.

Durable Components

The integral check valves, which are constantly switching during operation, are susceptible to fatigue in conventional boosters. The TecnAir Booster incorporates stainless steel Check-Valves to enhance life expectancy of the mechanical components. The main control valve uses “mixed spool” technology, so the valve can be operated with or without lubrication, providing 25 million operations when used under correct conditions.


BR series Pressure Boosters are used to boost pressure in specific areas within a factory that requires a higher pressure than the compressor can provide. The Booster can be installed quickly and easily into the airline to provide double the inlet pressure at the outlet port. The Booster can also be used to reduce machine dimensions by allowing smaller bore cylinders to be used at higher pressure to provide the same amount of force.


Function  Pressure Booster 2:1 ratio
Type  Stand Alone or Receiver Mounted Options
Bore Size  100mm (other sizes available upon request)
Inlet Pressure 1.5 to 10bar (maximum)
Outlet Pressure 3 to 20bar (maximum)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 80°C
Ambient Temperature 40°C
Fluid Compressed Air filtered 50μ
Control Integrated pneumatic valve
Port Size 1/2


Booster Body  Anodised Aluminium
Non-Return Valves  Stainless Steel 303
Central Valve Spool  Anodised Aluminium
Spool Sleeve Acetal Plastic
Poppet Seals Polyurethane
Lip Seals Nitrile Rubber
O Rings Nitrile Rubber
Die Cast End Caps Zamak
Barrel Anodised Aluminium